I am thrilled to announce the publication of my newest book!

Private Investigator Jack Fox is not sure how he went from being a freewheeling bachelor to the father of two daughters: a baby girl who is the product of his less-than-stellar life choice of hooking up with a convicted serial killer and 19-year-old Enid Iglowski who is going to her court-ordered anger management counseling sessions with the intelligent and sexy Dr. Melody Stuckley who, unbeknownst to Enid, Jack can’t seem to get out of his mind—or his bed. The past comes back to haunt Jack when his dreaded ex-wife, Stella, who is the Mistress of Phoenix’s hottest S&M dungeon, hires him to find her favorite missing cowboy. He knows the last thing he should do is take her case but, as always, his curiosity sends him chasing after the truth, which sets him and Enid on a collision course with a dangerous killer who is a fugitive from the law—and who just also happens be his current wife!

A fast, fun detective story served up with wit, grit, and shocking twists. C. Mack Lewis offers up a murder mystery with a father-daughter relationship that careens from bad to worse and some unexpected places in between. High-stakes thrills and drama!

Read your free preview by clicking on the ‘Preview’ link below.

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