Over Yonder, by C. Mack Lewis

Over Yonder, by C. Mack Lewis
What exactly is Moses willing to sacrifice to keep his promise? Why is Daniel’s wife suddenly so nervous? And since when do God and the Devil hang out?  Will this short story answer those age-old questions about the meaning of life, or will it only leave you with more questions? Either way, I hope it will give you an entertaining respite from banalities. Cheers!  

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Kirkus Reviews — The Angel Wore Black, written by C. Mack Lewis

Kirkus Reviews  — The Angel Wore Black, written by C. Mack Lewis

“An engaging detective series finale with a superbly animated cast.” Kirkus Reviews

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An Arizona private eye with a sordid past deals with missing persons and vicious homicides in this last installment of a trilogy.

It seems private investigator Jack Fox’s bed-hopping days are behind him. He’s trying to be a good father to 18-year-old college student Enid, the result of a one-night stand, and baby Katherine. Enid struggles with anger management and trauma from an ordeal in which she was forced to kill in self-defense. She’s on constant, almost paranoid guard, though her unease over Katherine’s mother, Eve Hargrove, makes sense. It hasn’t been that long since Eve escaped from prison, where she had been serving two life sentences for murder. Meanwhile, Jack takes a case for his ex-wife, a dominatrix who’s genuinely worried about her suspiciously absent “best Sub.” This has an unexpected connection to an unsolved murder from a couple of years ago—a homicide that crops up in other detectives’ investigations as well. As these cases clash, there’s a good chance Eve is involved. But whoever it is, someone more than willing to kill has cast Jack, his daughters, and others in a twisted, lethal game. Lewis, as in the earlier series volumes, loads her tale with grim melodrama, which takes precedence over the detective story. Mystery is fleeting; private eyes’ investigations take them either to people who adamantly withhold information or right to a killer’s door. Characters, nevertheless, practically burst with personality; they’re eccentric, flawed, and endlessly intriguing. And though the narrative is dark and sometimes brutally violent, it also flaunts a surprising amount of humor. Jack’s rival, gumshoe Dana Goode, is particularly memorable. She hilariously bickers with her office manager and takes fanatical glee in upsetting Jack. After a bleak but entertainingly over-the-top final act, the novel offers a solid series ending. Still, any of these characters could ignite a worthy spinoff.An engaging detective series finale with a superbly animated cast.

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The Angel Wore Black

The Angel Wore Black

I am thrilled to announce the publication of my newest book!

Private Investigator Jack Fox is not sure how he went from being a freewheeling bachelor to the father of two daughters: a baby girl who is the product of his less-than-stellar life choice of hooking up with a convicted serial killer and 19-year-old Enid Iglowski who is going to her court-ordered anger management counseling sessions with the intelligent and sexy Dr. Melody Stuckley who, unbeknownst to Enid, Jack can’t seem to get out of his mind—or his bed. The past comes back to haunt Jack when his dreaded ex-wife, Stella, who is the Mistress of Phoenix’s hottest S&M dungeon, hires him to find her favorite missing cowboy. He knows the last thing he should do is take her case but, as always, his curiosity sends him chasing after the truth, which sets him and Enid on a collision course with a dangerous killer who is a fugitive from the law—and who just also happens be his current wife!

A fast, fun detective story served up with wit, grit, and shocking twists. C. Mack Lewis offers up a murder mystery with a father-daughter relationship that careens from bad to worse and some unexpected places in between. High-stakes thrills and drama!

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The Toad King, written by C. Mack Lewis

The Toad King, written by C. Mack Lewis

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The Monkey’s Paw, a short story written by W. W. Jacobs

The Monkey’s Paw, a short story written by W. W. Jacobs

A stranger comes bearing a gift – a mummified monkey’s paw that holds a magical spell that allows three people to make three wishes each. What could possibly go wrong?

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