Single Book Seeks Bookworm.

Single Book Seeks Bookworm.

Must enjoy compelling characters, murder & having expectations overturned.

You’ve slaved for years to create this beautiful creature that you lovingly call ‘my book’ and when you release it into the world, it is welcomed with the sound of…


Why is it so hard to get people to review your book?

I don’t have an answer to that particular question, but I do have advice for all writers of undiscovered masterpieces:

Don’t count on your friends and relatives to read and review your book!

Seek strangers. 

Strangers are more willing to read your book and are often more kind.

This is harsh, but this is the truth.

First, your relatives and friends who love and care for you might not love and care for the genre that you are writing. It is better to find strangers who enjoy your book’s genre.

Second, your friends and relatives know you too well and they will not be able to separate the person they know you to be from the fiction that you are writing. I posted a short story online and shared it on Facebook and I had three friends call me and ask if I was getting a divorce.

Third, when you do ask your friends and relatives to read your masterpiece and they don’t do it and don’t even bother to open your book to page one – you will have a lot less resentment to deal with. I know exactly who read my book and who did not. The people in my life who read my book will always have my forever, undying gratitude and the people who have not bothered to even attempt to read my book, well – they have been left out of my Final Will & Testament.

Just kidding.

Sort of…

Are you a stranger?


Here’s my sweet baby of a book! If you don’t like the genre, please feel free to dump it at the nearest book orphanage or pass it on to someone who doesn’t know or love me. … via @amazo

Beauty and The Beast – 1946

Beauty and The Beast – 1946

Lush Life

I know that everyone is raving about the new Beauty and The Beast movie that is currently in theaters, but if you are a fan of the movie, do yourself a favor and watch Jean Cocteau’s 1946 French film La Belle et la Bête. From the ‘hands’ that hold the candles in the Beast’s castle, to the sumptuous over-the-top costumes, to the eerily beautiful special effects that give the movie a distinct magical realism feel – this classic movie is a must-see criterion experience for all ages.

My husband got the movie for me as a Valentine’s Day gift several years ago and we re-watched it last night as we celebrated our 12th year wedding anniversary. If you have someone special in your life, this is the perfect movie for a romantic evening together.