The Secret Life of Podiatrists.

The Secret Life of Podiatrists.

So, what does a Podiatrist do in her spare time? I’ve discovered the strange and fascinating world of creating memes. Some are niche podiatry humor, some are silly and some are mildly profane. You will quickly deduce that I spend a good portion of my work day trying to convince patients to stop walking barefoot and to wear Rx Crocs as bedroom slippers in the house. It may come as a shock to you, but most patients are resistant to giving up barefoot walking and are horrified at the thought of wearing the aesthetically lovely Rx Crocs that have the transformative power of turning the most beautiful woman’s feet into looking like two bulky box-cars! By the way, if you have foot, knee, hip or lower back pain – the Rx Crocs Specialist as a bedroom slipper will decrease the pain by 30% within 3 weeks. Give it a try and I think that you will be pleasantly surprised.






Have a great dayand stop walking barefoot!

🙂 makes creating memes and gifs easy and fun – and it’s free! makes creating memes and gifs easy and fun – and it’s free!

Yes, I have discovered yet another way to kill a lazy Sunday afternoon! makes creating memes and gifs weirdly fun and surprisingly easy. I love that I can share some of my favorite television and film moments and I know it’s not a coincidence that my first two gifs are of women freaking out.

I love drama!

To clarify, I love the drama in my entertainment – not my life.

To make your own memes and gifs, check out:


The Frog King

The Frog King

Once upon a time, there was a great Toad-King. He ate his wife and she landed in his belly. She was so angry that she took to beating the walls of his stomach, which bothered him greatly. The Toad-King called the Toad- Doctor, but no medicine that the Toad-Doctor gave him could stop her from beating upon the walls of her jail.

The Toad King sent out a royal proclamation offering the best lily-pad and the juiciest flies to anyone who could stop his wife from beating him from within.

The best musicians and singers came from all over the pond. One Frog-Singer sang her a beautiful song called ‘please stop hurting your husband’, but her beatings from within only got worse. A renowned Toad-Storyteller told her a bedtime story that had worked like a charm on his spawn, but the Toad-King’s wife refused to be cajoled.

Finally, the Toad-King could take it no more. He began beating his own stomach and she beat back and, before long, the Toad-King was dead. The wife crawled upward, out of his stomach, up his throat and tumbled out of his mouth to land with a plop on his gilded lily-pad.

When she saw what she had done, she let out a terrible cry of despair because she had loved him and hadn’t meant to hurt him. She had only been angry. She cried for three days and then a big juicy fly came by and her tongue shot out and she gobbled up the juicy fly — and it tasted good.

She looked around and saw that the lily-pad kingdom had no king. She took the king’s crown from her darling king’s rotting head and plopped it on her own head.

“I am the Toad-Queen. Bury the Toad-King and bring me more flies.”